Private Equity & VC

Advising Private Equity / Venture Capital

Brock team members take a hands-on, execution-focused approach for our private equity and venture capital clients. We integrate all the disciplines—transaction execution, due diligence, marketing, logistics, operations, management, strategy, business development, governance, finance, compliance and law.

Capital Formation and Financial Advisory
  • Representing private equity, venture capital,  and other institutional funds, investing in public and private companies
  • Managing proprietary buy-side/sell-side non-auction transactions
  • Benchmarking and improving fund governance processes and deal execution capabilities
  • Developing optimal capitalization strategies aligned with revised shareholder/stakeholder objectives
  • Providing M&A advisory services to existing shareholders/stakeholders to help in liquidity events and execute post-closing growth strategies
Sell-Side Transactions
  • Helping clients achieve liquidity for portfolio investments through a sale, divestiture or recapitalization
  • Identifying and disposing of non-core assets
  • Leveraging the firm’s private equity and family offices relationships and databases to match the right investor to the right opportunity, and ensuring deal closings on a timely basis
  • Managing sell-side auction processes for a global network of private equity and strategic investors


Buy-side Transactions
  • Working on behalf of buyers to find companies for their own acquisition or investment, catering to the investor’s investment mandate and specific criteria
  • Executing buy-side transactions
  • Offering a full range of acquisition services including company search, valuation assessment, acquisition process assistance, due diligence planning and implementation.
  • Leveraging global relationships and resources to provide our clients with financial and strategic partners
Portfolio Investments
  • Providing world-class corporate strategy, operations improvement and merger integration capabilities
  • Developing and implementing strategies to accelerate growth and deliver results
  • Helping with turnarounds and distressed investments with liquidity concerns
  • Stabilizing core operations and implementing cash conservation guidelines and controls
  • Revamping under-performing business models/plans and/or reassessing financial projections/models
  • Implementing ongoing communication processes with key financial and stakeholder constituencies