Independent Fiduciary

Brock Fiduciary Services differentiates itself as an Independent Fiduciary through the proven expertise of its team members in both investment banking and ERISA matters, specifically with respect to prohibited transaction exemptions (PTEs).

We have extensive experience working with the U.S. Department of Labor on important Independent Fiduciary roles. We possess the expertise to serve as Independent Fiduciary in a range of areas:

  • Determining whether investing in employer securities or contributing employer stock is appropriate and in the best interests of plan participants, as well as obtaining the necessary prohibited transaction exemption (PTE)
  • De-risking and working alongside consultants and actuaries to oversee, on behalf of the plan participants, the process of transferring plan liabilities to third parties such as insurance companies
  • Advising on the valuation, ancillary rights, and marketability of plan assets
  • Evaluating and negotiating the terms of mergers, acquisitions, and refinancing transactions affecting plan assets, including with respect to prohibited transaction exemptions (PTEs)
  • Executing sale-leaseback transactions between a company and its plan